We have been handling patent portfolios of foreign clients from filing to grant since 1992 and can assure you that our experience in this field is very deep. Most of applications we handle are national phase PCT applications and Paris convention applications in the name of European and U.S. applicants and there is a number of Australian and Japanese clients.

For over 25 years, we have successfully overcome numerous Office Actions issued at substantive examination stage and achieved grant of strong patents for our clients. We have handled applications in the field of pharmaceuticals, medicine, agriculture, including plant protection preparations, pesticides, herbicides, genetic engineering, food industry, mechanics, railway, construction, metal working, gas industry, and others. 

As in Ukraine patent applications should be filed in the Ukrainian language, we prepare professional patent translations at competitive prices.

In 2018 and 2019 our firm was ranked third in Tier 2 in Patent Prosecution by IP Stars of Managing Intellectual Property. 

It is important to note that the first patent of Ukraine issued in December 1992. Since then, the Patent Office of Ukraine (Ukrpatent) as the examining body has grown from a small scientific and research institution to WIPO’s International Searching Authority and International Preliminary Examining Authority under the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

A future patent of Ukraine undergoes formal and qualification examination and secures protection to a novel, inventive and industrially applicable product (device, substance, strain of microorganism, plant or animal cell culture etc.) or process (method). Upon filing of the corresponding application, it is published in the Official Bulletin in 18 months and can be objected by any person within 6 months after publication. Upon successful completion of examination, the patent issues for 20 years and is subject to payment of annuities upon grant.

Patents directed to pharmaceutical components of medicinal preparations, processes of preparing medicinal preparations or the use of a medicinal preparation, as well as methods of animal or plant protection can enjoy supplementary protection for up to five years, subject to a number of requirements. 

A patent can be recognized invalid in court or before the Council of Appeal of the Patent Office of Ukraine. 

A utility model patent in Ukraine can be issued for a novel and industrially applicable device or process (method) for a period of 10 years only. As a utility model application does not undergo substantive examination, the subsequent utility patent is vulnerable to cancellation at court or Council of Appeal if it does not comply with the patentability criteria.

If you entrust us with handling a patent application in Ukraine, you can be assured that we will take every effort to have it granted in line with your or your client’s needs and objectives.

We also provide maintenance and recordal services for granted patents at competitive prices.