About us

Our milestones

  • July 1992 – November 2015 – practicing as the IP department of Grischenko & Partners Law and patent offices
  • December 2015 – establishing of Grischenko & Partners IP based on the IP department
  • December 2022 – change of company name to GPIP Partners

Our practice started in 1992, just a year after Ukraine declared its independence on August 24, 1991.

At that time, the intellectual property system of Ukraine was just being founded, and our firm stood at its origins and developed together with it. Our founders completed internships and specialized training in foreign IP law firms to bring the best foreign experience of running an IP law firm to Ukraine. Our firm (at that time – Grischenko, Paliashvili & Partners) was the first law firm from independent Ukraine to attend the INTA Annual Meeting, which was held in Seattle (WA), USA in 1994. Our late partner Maya Lgova represented the firm at that time.

Since then, we had a good number of files in our care and gained vast experience handling them before the Patent Office and advising our foreign clients, thereby learning many things of the profession together with other members of the young IP system of Ukraine. This was also the time when we established good relationship with our first foreign clients seeking a reliable partner in Ukraine. Many of these clients continue working with us till now and recommend us to their colleagues.


Our honorary former founders

Maya Lgova

One of our first patent attorneys who had made a great contribution to the creation and development of our practice was Ms. Maya Lgova – a member of the first group of patent attorneys certified in Ukraine in 1994 (reg. No.12). Maya Lgova was a high-level IP professional, a talented teacher, and a good friend. Maya joined Grischenko & Partners as a partner in 1992 and spent the last 24 years of her life there as a patent and trademark attorney and our guru. Besides investing all her time and energy in the daily work of our firm, she had made a personal contribution to the development of the Ukrainian IP system. For her personal merits in state-building, social, economic, scientific, technical, educational, and cultural development of Ukraine, as well as for her significant work achievements and high professionalism Maya was bestowed the highest governmental award – 3rd Degree Order of Princess Olga on the last year of her life. She passed away in 2016 soon after celebrating her 80th anniversary.


Dmitri Grischenko

Dmitri is one of the founding partners of Grischenko & Partners Law and patent offices, he gave his name to the firm and promoted IP practice since Ms. Maya Lgova joined the firm. Under his supervision, the IP enforcement and litigation procedures were handled. Mr. Grischenko bears the title of “Honored Lawyer” granted to him by a Decree of the President of Ukraine in 2004. At present, he is “of counsel” and good friend of GPIP Partners.